The Opportunity

Reinventing an Industry

When you think of the alternative dispute resolution or mediation industry, we are willing to bet you can’t think of a household name. Fairway Solutions is changing that.

Fairway Solutions is reinventing the worn out legal industry.

Revenue potential

The North American divorce industry is valued at over 50 billion dollars. Approximately one percent of the population gets divorced each year. In Canada, that is approximately 15,000 couples per year. It only takes 3 to 5 files per month to build a successful business with the Fairway Process. If you add the other areas of service; Estate & Success, Family or Closely Held Business and Elderly the market is even larger. There is an untapped market for The Fairway Process.

Highly fragmented industry

The traditional system of divorce and other areas of legal conflict are prime for disruption. That is exactly what Fairway is doing. Families are desperate for an alternative that they can trust will bring a fair outcome and considers each parties legal rights. People are looking for a trusted national brand that is accountable for results, time and cost. Fairway delivers this.

Low overhead/inventory

As the business quickly grows, you can add new mediators and staff to your business. You will leverage proprietary technology to efficiently scale and manage quality control of your mediators and processes.

Fast ramp-up time

Your business can be operational within a few months

Why Own a Franchise

We’re looking for leaders who are passionate about providing exceptional client experience and inspired to become a local market leader in alternative dispute resolution. If you have both an interest and expertise in one of our areas of service, then this might be the right opportunity for you.

Be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!

You might be wondering why you should join a franchise system instead of going it alone. Franchising provides the best of both worlds: you get to be the boss and build your own business, but you’re backed by the proven success of a trusted brand.

But not all franchise systems are alike. If you’re selected to start a Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise, you’ll join a group of exceptional professional business owners who are building something bigger and better together.

  • You become a Franchise “Partner”, so you never have to stand alone.
  • You take a risk — but it’s a smart one.
  • You can focus on growth, thanks to proven systems.
  • You’re backed by tried-and-true marketing tactics that support your growth.
  • You’re a valued part of a trusted brand.
  • You’re writing your own founder’s story.

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